About The Karr-Cunningham
Storage Team

Since 2010 the Karr-Cunningham Storage Team has dedicated itself to the principle that our clients’ goals and objectives are paramount. Leveraging this philosophy, along with more than 30 cumulative years of professional experience, we deliver an unrivaled suite of investment advisory services to self-storage owners/operators throughout the Southwest that has, as of 2024, yielded approximately $1 billion in property sales.

Our Services

Today’s Information Drives Tomorrow’s Market

Investment Sales

Creating a Competitive Bidding Environment

The foundation of our value proposition is rooted in our ability to create a competitive bidding environment for each of our exclusive listings. From publicly-traded institutions to “mom & pop” owner/operators, a wide variety of clients engage the Karr-Cunningham Storage Team to ensure their deal will close at the highest possible price, in the shortest period of time.


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Property Value Analysis

The Foundation of all Strategic Decisions

In today’s volatile investment climate, owners and investors must first understand the current market value of their real estate before making a decision to buy, sell, hold, or refinance. A Karr-Cunningham Storage Team Broker Opinion of Value (“BOV”) is the primary tool we use to help our clients identify the correct path forward.

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Specialized Research Services

Maximizing Your Ability to Invest Wisely

Leveraging Marcus & Millichap’s cutting-edge market research, we deliver objective analysis and timely insight during each stage of the real estate cycle – thus maximizing our clients’ ability to make the right investment decision at the right time.

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1031 Exchanges

Sell Your Investment Real Estate and Defer Capital Gains Taxes

By reinvesting the sale proceeds into “like-kind” property(s), owners can use a 1031 exchange to defer their capital gains tax obligations. Marcus & Millichap facilitates more 1031 exchange transactions than any other firm in the United States.

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Mortgage Brokerage

Real Time Insight into Market Trends and Conditions

Because property values are closely tied to capital market conditions, the Karr-Cunningham Storage Team works hand-in-hand with Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation (“MMCC”) to gain real-time insight into the financing trends that are impacting property owners. Leveraging MMCC’s expertise, we create a strategic plan that is tailored to meet each of our clients’ unique investment goals.

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The Marcus & Millichap Advantage

An Unwavering Fiduciary Commitment to our Clients

Marcus & Millichap is the nation’s premier investment real estate brokerage and advisory services firm. Powered by a culture of information-sharing, cutting-edge technology, and exclusive representation, we create value for our clients by cultivating long-term relationships that place integrity, transparency, and objectivity as categorical prerequisites.

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