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1031-Exchange Strategies – Q1. 2024

Greg Lehrmann;
Excel 1031 Exchange

Property Insurance Update – Q1 2024

Kyle Cardwell; Swingle Collins & Associates

Getting Creative in Today’s Market

Aaron & Mallory Hultgren:
Tango Development, Overflow Garage Self Storage

Capital Markets Update – Dec. 2023

Duke Dennis; Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation

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State of the Market 2023 Operations

We wanted to do a kind of “state of the market” just to let you all know what we're seeing and hearing out there as it relates to operations and ...

State of Capital Markets 2023

The capital markets are the biggest wild card of the group. A few weeks ago, it looks like we finally had a clear path towards stability. But ...

State of Investment Sales 2023

And finally, investment sales. What's going on with buyers, sellers and pricing? Now the volatility of the capital markets really slowed down...

How Will The Biden Administration's Policies Impact Real Estate Owners?

Less than two months after his inauguration, President Joe Biden moved significantly forward on key elements of his Build Back Better program, which would be funded by notable changes in tax law. Of course...

Here's How You Should Handle Unsolicited Offers For Your Property.

"Why are so many people calling me?" The short answer is that storage properties are in high demand! Self-storage as an asset class proved its ability to weather economic uncertainty...

How is COVID-19 Impacting Rates and Leverage?

With a broad stroke, rates have relatively been unchanged from pre-COVID to the current environment. And everyone sees that treasuries have retracted quite a bit. Prime has retracted, Libor is at...

Ask The Broker, How is the Size of the Loan Impacting Rate and Leverage?

During its April 27 policy meeting, the FOMC left interest rates unchanged and reaffirmed its commitment to keep rates low until the economy has recovered more fully from the pandemic. This is good...

How Do CMs Compare Self-Storage to the Rest of the Commercial Real Estate?

As self-storage brokers, we spend most of our time in the primary markets throughout Texas, but one of the interesting things that we have seen, and we have kind of touched on some of this relative to...

How is Covid Impacting the Capital Markets, and Where are they Headed?

With a broad stroke, rates have relatively been unchanged from pre COVID to current environment. And everyone sees that treasuries have retracted quite a bit. Prime has retracted, Libor is at near...

Meet Our New Partners - Metropolitan Capital

Today we are discussing the capital markets for not just storage, but everything that's going on in the marketplace in general right now.

Ask The Broker, Is Now A Good Time To List And Sell My Self-Storage Facility?

The short answer is yes. Pricing for self-storage facilities is as attractive now as it has ever been for a few different reasons. The first comes down to simple supply-demand.

Why Is Self-Storage Stable In A Downturn?

At Marcus & Millichap, we have a lot of brokers who specialize in different product types, whether it be hotels, retail strip centers, or apartment complexes.

What Should A Buyer Look For In A Self-Storage Investment?

Assuming that you've found a property that you think might be an attractive acquisition opportunity. The main thing to look at is the income stream.

How Are Low Interest Rates Impacting My Property?

People wonder how interest rates impact their property's value. Owners ask if we could sell their property for more money since interest rates have reached near record lows.

What Is The Value Of The Marcus & Millichap Platform

One of the benefits of engaging Karr-Cunningham storage is that we're backed by the Marcus & Millichap platform, and we have over 80 offices across the whole United States.

So, You're A Broker? Learn More About Our Brokerage

Many times when I introduce myself to storage owners and I tell them that I'm a broker, they say something along the lines of, "Oh, so you want me to sell my property?" 

What Is Going On With All The New Construction?

If there's a question right now that seems to be on everybody's minds, it is how is all this new construction going to be impacting the self-storage industry?

What is the Replacement Cost of a Self-Storage Facility?

I was talking to a new investor who had not yet entered the Texas self-storage investment space, and he was primarily interested in distressed opportunities.

How Is Cash On Cash Return Relevant To Me?

Cap rate is the rate of return that a buyer would generate if they were to purchase the property all cash. Most properties don't get purchased with all cash.

Is Cap Rate Important When Analyzing Your Storage Facility?

Somebody asked me the other day about cap rates and whether they're important and so forth. And we admittedly said that cap rates are in fact very important...

Introduction To Ask The Broker Videos by Karr-Cunningham Storage

We are here with the Karr-Cunningham Storage team in Marcus & Millichap's Fort Worth, Texas office. Today we will talk about our brand new website.