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National Report on 2024 Self-Storage Investment

Early 2024 shows optimistic economic outlook with steady growth despite potential headwinds. Self-storage market adapts to changing dynamics and consolidation trends.

Texas Cities – 2024 Self-Storage Investment Forecast

Learn about how, Corporate investments fuel job and renter growth in one area, while another sees robust economic and demographic expansion. Suburban competition and low deliveries influence vacancy.

2H23 Self-Storage National Report

Learn about how , Self-storage performance props up investment amid tightening capital markets for 2023 and investment outlook.

2H23 Self-Storage Market Report Austin Metro Area

Learn about how, Austin's economy shows resilience with steady growth despite challenges, welcoming new residents, maintaining job growth, and a resilient real estate market.

2H23 Self-Storage Market Report Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area

Learn about how, Dallas-Fort Worth thrives with robust job growth, welcoming 90,000 residents and maintaining a strong real estate market.

2H23 Self-Storage Market Report Houston Metro Area

Learn about how, Houston sustains low unemployment, robust healthcare job growth, and consistent household formation, indicating a resilient real estate market.

2H23 Self-Storage Market Report San Antonio Metro Area

Learn about how, San Antonio's economy shows resilience with stable hiring in education and health sectors, strong household income growth, and a real estate market indicating overall stability and positivity.

2023 Self-Storage Investment Forecast Report

Learn about how , the rise of remote work and the migration it allowed to less dense and costly cities fostered a historic period for self-storage.

Capital Markets: Pay To Play Why Debt Is More Expensive Right Now

Since the first federal funds rate hike in March 2022, the capital markets have been disrupted, due to financial market volatility revolving around inflationary pressures and expectations of an upcoming recession.

September 2022 Self-Storage National Report

The self-storage sector entered the second half of the year in a strong position, having accumulated additional renter demand during the most challenging period of the pandemic.

June 2022 Special Report: Texas Market Overview

Learn about how more households and companies are calling Texas home, lifting self-storage needs and drawing new investment.

June 2022 Special Report: Financial Markets

Learn about how the fed turns increasingly aggressive in effort to curb inflation; rising interest rates form headwind for real estate borrowers.

June 2022 Capital Markets: To Swap Or Not To Swap: That Is The Question

Learn about how rising interest rates place spotlight on interest rate swaps and caps; catapulting forward curves complicate process.

2022 Self-Storage National Investment Forecast

Learn about how self-storage properties have delivered record performance over the past two years as lifestyles adapted to the pandemic.

September 2021 National Self-Storage Special Report

Learn about how self-storage delivers record performance; Investor confidence drives competition for assets.

The Outlook Self- Storage Mid- Year 2021 Report

Read more about Self-Storage Buoyant Through Health Crisis; Demand Drivers at Point of Transition.

Self-Storage Outlook on Pricing, Cap Rates & More

Take a look at more in depth images related to investor sentiment self-storage survey results. Click below to learn more. 

2021 U.S. Self-Storage Investment Outlook Report

Read about how the 2021 COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world of commercial real estate.

2021 Self-Storage Outlook Survey Results

Read about Karr-Cunningham Storages 2021 outlook survey results on various topics based on the self-storage market.

2020 Self-Storage Outlook Survey Results

Take a look at the 2020 outlook survey results on various topics based on the self-storage market. Click the button below. 

2020 Self-Storage Investment Forecast Austin Metro Area

Read more about a 2020 self- storage report based on the influx of new residents supporting rental gains.

2020 Self-Storage Investment Forecast Dallas/Fort Worth Metro

Karr-Cunningham Storages 2020 self-storage Investment Forecast based on stout employment growth buoys storage leasing.

2020 Self-Storage Investment Forecast Houston Metro Area

A 2020 self-storage investment forecast that discusses how an energy presence is a boost to self-storage prospects.

2020 Self-Storage Investment Forecast San Antonio Metro Area

2020 self-storage Investment Forecast in the San Antonio Metro Area based on how consumer spending underscores self-storage demand.

2020 U.S. Self-Storage Investment Forecast

The self-storage sector transformed the industry into a mainstream real estate investment category, attracting more capital from a broader array of investors.