What is the investment value of Marcus & Millichap platform?

Clients engage us to take their property to market. What they expect is to have as many qualified buyers as possible look at the deal, look at the package, look at the video, and spend time on it and really try to understand it. And one of the benefits of engaging Karr self-storage is that we are backed by the Marcus and Millichap platform, and we have got over 80 offices across the whole United States. And we ultimately have an unparalleled track record when it comes to self-storage, transaction volume across the state. In addition, the Karr self-storage team has been the number one Texas self-storage investment brokerage for the past eight years running. Part of the reason for that is the Marcus and Millichap network. Many, many, many of the deals that we do are with our other colleagues in other states, in other offices. They bring their buyers to the table. People wanting to get into Texas, people wanting to be part of the growth that we are experiencing here.

Everybody knows how attractive the investment marketplace has been in Texas compared to the rest of the country. And that's the beauty of engaging the Marcus and Millichap team at Karr self-storage because of the fact that we have the access to those other investors who are all looking to do precisely that. And those are the benefits of the network because you increase the price, the more buyers that you have, the higher probability we can get you the price that you want. The more buyers you have, the higher probability we can cut down the amount of time that it takes to do the deal. The more buyers we have, the higher the probability that we are going to close the deal. All of those things are extremely important to the investment marketplace, and they should be important to you if you are considering taking your property to the market. We will split the fee 50-50 with any broker who brings our buyer. If they are the best buyer, we are happy to do it. That is the commitment that you get from us. That is the commitment that you get from Marcus and Millichap. You can reach us at karrselfstorage.com.