Karr Self-Storage Welcome and Introduction

We are here with the Karr Self-Storage team in Marcus & Millichap's Fort Worth, Texas office. Today we will talk about our brand new website. If you visit www.karrselfstorage.com, moving forward once every week or so, we're going to be updating our site with our new "Ask The Broker" video blog series. The video blog is designed to bring informative content to you so that you're able to keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening out there in the self-storage market.

As we know, our industry is rapidly growing and rapidly changing, and as brokers specializing specifically in the Texas self-storage market, we figured you might have questions about what's happening out there. Perhaps you have certain concerns or perhaps you just want to get some perspective or analysis on a particular issue. If you have an interest in submitting a topic for our "Ask The Broker" video blog, please go to the Contact section of our webpage. Again, www.karrselfstorage.com, and send us a message.

Lastly, also please remember that we are updating our other social media accounts, either daily or every other day. You can find us on Facebook at facebook.com/karrselfstorage, and on our Twitter account, which is @karrselfstorage. So from all of us here in Fort Worth, thanks for taking the time to listen to our announcement. We look forward to connecting with you soon.